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Nexus One Update


Official OTA, .Gingerbread Update.Zip for the Nexus One! GRI40 from FRG83G - Passion*** (Mirror provided by Hollow.Droid)
***Nexus S Download link, for those interested... GRI40 from GRH78 - SOJU*** directly hosted by Google


Guitar Hero and Star Wars themes for BlackBerry Top Ringtones for your Mobile!

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Sync my phone wirelessly



Android upgrade is available. Code-named Gingerbread. Available for download here. Enjoy the new features with Androids latest release of the android package.

market-enabler  -  Android Paid Apps Market Enabler  

remotedroid  -  Remote Control Your Computer With Your Phone 
Activity:  High  -   Updated: Last 7 days
RemoteDroid turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse with touchpad, using your own wireless network


New years is coming! Get ready to party! This app is for the dancer in you! See just how much you danced and how many calories you burned whilst having the time of your life! This app will tell you how far you danced , but not with whom you danced. 
You can use this walking or running too!
Dance responsibly.

Using the barcode scanner on your phone scan the barcode below to get this verry cool app.

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Google Android Event wrap-up

FEBRUARY 5, 2011 12:38 PM

Google held an Android event February 2nd in which revolved heavily around their Android market and just what to expect from their new Honeycomb OS. Honeycomb changes can be seen as early as the home screen, which has been revamped for an overall better, more genuine tablet experience.


Free Apps On Samsung Android 2.2 Froyo

By Oonagh Reidy | Monday | 2010-12-20

Updated Android to include new GPS navigation and Press Reader.

Samsung is offering free mobile applications to customers who update their Galaxy S to their new Android 2.2 Froyo as it rolls out the system into the new year, in a bid to keep up with the likes of HTC's and Huawei's recent updates.

The Android 2.2 promises smoother performance with optimised application loading and switching and will support Adobe Flash Player 10.0 for video and online streaming. 

The Smartphone also promises to provide enhanced exchange support, including remote wipe, a new Gmail application, an improved keyboard although there has been no confirmation as of yet whether it will deliver 720p (1280×720-pixel) video recording as it did on the HTC Desire.

The Navigation system, worth around $89, will enable the phone to instantly become a GPS device using maps from Australia and New Zealand, delivers 2D and 3D map views, turn-by-turn voice guidance, drive and walk modes and intelligent address search. 

Press Reader gives users local and international news media directly to their smartphone and allows papers delivered daily to the mobile device and complements it's current e-book reader app Borders E-Books. Galaxy S devices running on Android 2.1 can be upgraded through KIES, says the Korean electronics maker. 

"Providing our customers with the latest and greatest mobile content is key to ensuring the Samsung Galaxy S remains the Smartphone of choice for Australians," said Tyler McGee, Samsung's Telecommunications VP. 

Last week, Dell announced their Streak device is now capable of running the latest version of ‘Froyo'.


Apple positions iAd Producer as Adobe Flash alternative

By Daniel Eran Dilger

Published: 06:45 PM ESTApple has released iAd Producer, a new tool for designing interactive "rich media ads" using web standards for distribution through its iAd network within iOS apps, in a direct blow to Adobe's Flash developer tools, the current standard among many web and mobile ad designers.

Apple's new HTML5 development tool graphically lays out the structure and flow of iAd elements within an iOS advertisement in a "powerful visual editing canvas," the company states in its announcement aimed at developers. 

The new tool incorporates a variety of technologies from Xcode, Apple's Integrated Development Environment for Mac and iOS software. 

At the introduction of Xcode 4 this summer, AppleInsider projected that the company's increasingly sophisticated, graphical software development tool could portend new HTML5 development tools, specifically noting that "one example of how the company's significant investments in creating Xcode 4 could be applied is in shipping a web development tool aimed at creating HTML5 content for the web and for use within web-based tools such as Apple's iAd mobile advertising program."

Introducing iAd Producer 

The new iAd Producer development tool provides more than a dozen templates for creating page views, including Cover Flow and carousel image galleries and geographic maps. A variety of interface components are also provided to enable developers to add media playback controls, standard buttons, sliders and switches, progress indicators and flip views without needing to write any code.

iAd Producer also enables developers to easily add animated transitions and effects to their artwork and pages, and catalogs media assets used in iAd projects, such as graphics, videos, and SVG fonts. The resulting content acts as a self-contained HTML5 website that can be inserted into existing iOS apps to present an interactive advertising experience. 

JavaScript editing and debugging, validation

The new tool also provides advanced JavaScript editing that allows web developers to create custom interactivity code with standard development features such as auto-completion and indentation, syntax coloring and popup access to component event names. 

iAd Producer also incorporates JavaScript debugging tools similar to those found in Xcode, in addition to validation checking that identifies common errors and "sure that your iAd content is ready for prime time before you submit it to the iAd Network."
iAd expansion further promotes HTML5 

Apple has been rapidly expanding its iAd program after acquiring Quattro Wireless less than a year ago and converting its conventional mobile ad banner network into the immersive, app-embedded iAd experience. 

The company launched major new iAd campaigns to Europe earlier this month with L'Oréal, Renault, Louis Vuitton, Nespresso, Perrier, Unilever, Citi, Evian, LG Display, AB InBev, Turkish Airlines and Absolute Radio, and created the first iAd presentation for iPad to promote Disney's "Tron Legacy."

Apple previously had no real experience in advertising, but recognized the need for ads to help support mobile software titles. The company's chief executive Steve Jobs said that existing mobile ads, like those served by Quattro and Google's AdMob, "suck," and the iAd would enable brands to deliver high quality, valuable experiences that customers would find interesting, useful, and non-intrusive because they don't dump users out of their existing app and into the external web browser after being clicked.

Jobs described iAds as using standards-based HTML5 content exclusively, rather than delivering proprietary binaries created by web-alternatives such as Flash or Microsoft's Silverlight. 

Apple's efforts to push mobile content back to using web standards--leveraged by its powerful position in smartphones, tablets and media players, has prompted Adobe to refocus efforts on delivering HTML5 tools and has forced Microsoft to dramaticallyscale back its plans for Silverlight and instead focus on delivering HTML5 compliance in future versions of its Internet Explorer browser.

Web content distributors, including Google's YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, and even pornographer Digital Playground have all taken steps to support HTML5, joined by a variety of web developers and services (ranging from Virgin America to Scribd) that also want to reach iOS devices.



Infographic: The State Of iOS Mobile Apps

As the most active and diverse mobile app ecosystem in existence, Apple’s App Store is a thriving marketplace that gets larger and more powerful each and every day.  Mobile app discovery engine “App of the Day” analyzed the numbers to put together an awesome infographic on the “state of the iOS app store.”

While many of the stats aren’t so surprising, there’s still some interesting tidbits.  For example, the data shows 67% of all apps in the App Store are paid apps, with roughly half of all apps costing less than $3.00.   The vast majority of these apps are for the iPhone, with a whopping 85% being iPhone-only.  Only 8% of all apps are “universal” apps, meaning they’re tailored for both the iPhone and iPad.  I would have guessed a much higher percentage of apps would be universal considering the iPad’s popularity.

Books beat out games as the top category for apps in Apple’s marketplace, according to the data, with the average costs of books being $5.  The average price for gaming apps was around the $1 mark, while medical applications had the highest average cost at $7.  Also notable is the fact that Facebook is the only app in the App Store with over 1 million ratings, and the fact that there’s currently 62,126 unique developers using the iOS platform.  Impressive.

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